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"Our mission, at Amara, is to treat each guest in a way, that when they leave they are better than when they came, in mind, body, and heart."

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Services Designed for YOU.

Are you ready for a new salon experience? One where you don't have to study the latest styles, colors, or cuts before you arrive? At Amara we prepare your consultation before you even sit down in the chair! We research what style, color, and cut we think would suit you best so that you can sit back and relax! Every appointment begins with a full consultation and pictures to make sure we are always on the same page. First time guests please email a picture of your current hair to to help us prepare for your appointment.

What should I book?

At Amara we choose to keep our books as simple and seamless as possible. For all color appointments all you need to know is WHO you want to do your hair! If you're not sure, text us at 515-305-3416 and we can lead you in the right direction. We also recommend checking out each stylists personal Instagram page to get a feel for the hair she does and her unique personality. We make sure to give ourselves enough time for any color service when you book. 
Example: Request "Michelle color appointment" for any foiling or color services. 

As always, if you need help with what option to choose for you appointment TEXT us at 515-305-3416

One of our missions at Amara is to raise up the next generation of hairstylists in a better way than we were ever taught. Our training includes technique, business, and customer service all in one. If you book with a level 1 or 2 stylist, you can expect them to be newer to the industry. We take great care in our training process and are confident in their skills on the floor. 

Level 4 and up stylists almost always work with an assistant. The way we do this is your level 4+ hairstylist will do your consultation, haircut, and color. After that their assistant will wash,
tone, blow dry, style, and check you out! It's an amazing way for our assistants to learn the tricks of the trade, build client relationships, and gives our high level stylists opportunities to teach and grow themselves as well. We aim for every Amara stylist to have the perfect work/life balance so that they can continue being a hairstylist for their whole career while avoiding common injuries and burn out that are so prevalent in our industry.



Mention this offer at your first appointment at Amara.

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