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Handtied Extensions

If you have been considering handtied extensions look no further! At Amara we feel very confidently in our ability to color match, install, and maintain your handtied extensions. This service starts with a consultation where we explain the process, color match, order your hair, and book your appointment. Handtied extensions are the easiest extensions to maintain, hide, and style. They are installed using a combination of beads and sewing. They cause little to no damage making them the fastest growing extension method in the country!
What's the catch? The first few weeks  you will find yourself itching your scalp often as your body gets used to the foreign object resting on its surface. You may experience a headache the first day of installation. You also have to use professional products including shampoo, conditioner, heat protectant, and oil on the extension hair. I would be lying if I said that they aren't high maintenance! 
Speaking of maintenance... Maintaining handtied extensions looks a lot like maintaining a high maintenance hair color or very short haircut. At your appointment every 6-8 weeks  we remove the hair, take out the beads, re-install the rows, then sew the hair back in. You can also add color services to these appointments. 

Book your consultation today for pricing and more!



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